Friday, May 16, 2014

Nokia and Microsoft Deal explained !

Everyone knows that Microsoft has bought Nokia. The clarity in the process isn't quite easy to understand. Most of the people around the world are confused and don't know where and who to ask. I think I have the solution for all your confusions, thanks to my friend Nawzil who posted about the Microsoft and Nokia deal in a very easy to understand manner in facebook.

Now I think most of you are pretty clear how Microsoft and Nokia made the biggest deal of this decade. It's going to change how people look at Microsoft. The tech giant has proved to be a great software company, thanks to Windows, Office etc... The latest creation from Microsoft is the much awaited Windows Phone 8.1. All these products have a great reputation and offer the best-class experiences out of the box. But in mobile sector, Microsoft is yet to kick in with full force. They needed to manufacture quality hardware which would run it's software to it's fullest potential. Nokia was the perfect company they were looking for, it has been supporting Microsoft's Windows Phone since version 7 . Now Microsoft has made sure that Nokia's hardware and Microsoft's innovation go hand in hand for a more brighter future for Microsoft's mobile sector. Microsoft is a Devices and Services company ! The transition started last year with Steve Ballmer as the head of the company.

Well, here is something important ! 

They are married now <3 ! None can separate them. Let's see how successful this love story goes ! All the best Microsoft and Nokia. :) 

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