Saturday, November 7, 2015

How to set a custom search Engine as default in Microsoft Edge Mobile

If you're using the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile preview ( Build 10581),then you all know that the default search engine in Microsoft Edge is Bing and there is no way to change it. But you can change it with a couple of changes.

Follow the steps to set the search engine of your choice. In the below example, I will set Google as the default one.

By default Bing is the only search engine in Edge
1) Navigate to

2) Now Open settings in Edge browser and set the website preference to "Desktop".

3) Go back and reload and it will load the desktop version of the search engine.

4) Now navigate to settings> Advanced settings, now you will find Google available as a option in the search engine list !
Google is now marked as discovered.
5) Set it as your default engine.

6) Change the site preference to mobile view again.

That's it people, now this way you can basically set any search engine as your default one and you are no longer stuck with Bing in Edge mobile.

The way I found this solution is pretty much by luck,couple of days ago I was searching for a Android app in Play Store to send the link of an app to my friend. Today I just went into the settings and was quite surprised to see Play Store listed with Bing. So to see what was special with Play Store which was able to show itself as a search engine, I noticed that Play Store website was loaded in desktop mode so I gave it a try with and it worked.

Will you still continue using Bing or change it to other search engines?

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