Friday, January 15, 2016

Windows Update MiniTool lets you control Windows Updates in Windows 10

If there is one thing that most power users regret over upgrading to Windows 10 is, it will be the lack of controlling Windows Updates as they could do in the previous versions of Windows. Windows 10 Home is set to automatic updates while the Windows 10 Pro offers a little more control by deferring the updates for few months. Also I personally find the new Windows Update lacking a lot of information, importantly the size of updates is a big deal for me as it would help to calculate the required time for the process. This is where Windows Update MiniTool comes as a handy solution.
The tool provides the necessary details and goes beyond the basics by providing granular control over how Updates are installed in your PC. You can actually select any of the given modes such as Download only,Notification mode, Schedule or Disable it completely though it is not recommended to do so.

You can also clearly see the size and kb number of the update which as I said are very useful. Selecting a update also allows you to go to the download page in case you want to carry the setup for another device. The options provided in the left side lets you to download only or Install the updates right away. The tool not only searches for Windows Update but also for Windows Store Apps too. The installed tab shows the installed updates and lets you remove old updates or in case that latest update screwed your PC. 
Screenshot (2)      Screenshot (124)
The app works with Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP and I have installed a bunch of updates using the tool, it is simple and straight forward and remains true to it’s functionality.
I look forward for Microsoft to provide more details in Windows Update as Windows 10 gets updated in a regular manner adding features but for now this tool will definitely give enough tools to manage Updates.
What do you think of the current Windows Update in Windows 10 ? Do you think Microsoft should offer more control over the updates installed ?

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