Saturday, April 30, 2016

Windows 10 Mobile has a future,a different one though

Windows 10 Mobile has been recently under the spotlight for several unintentional theories of the platform's future. This post is to discuss about the recent controversies that Windows Platform or specifically Windows phone platform has been going through since the last few months .What actually fuelled these controversies is the delay in W10M roll-out for the older devices and the ever shrinking market share of Windows Phone in the recent years. Looking at all this flood of posts, We decided to make it a little clear .

Let's kick off by talking about the instability of Windows 10 on Phones. Windows 10 Mobile has been in the Insider program for a long time but the RTM version took more time than expected to land on the old devices while the new flagship devices were continuously objected for having software with lot of bugs. Even though Microsoft clarified that monthly updates (named Cumulative Updates) will be shipped to devices and the bugs will be eventually ironed out, consumers couldn't stand the initial instability of the software in their flagship device.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

[Updated] Unlisted changes and issues in Windows 10 Mobile 14327

Microsoft dropped a new build earlier today for Fast ring Insiders for their mobiles, Windows 10 Mobile build 14327 comes with a couple of noteworthy features with messaging and availability of Cortana in new languages. The build packs a quite a bunch of bug fixes, importantly the app launch issue from start screen and apps list. You can find them here.
Now let's jump into the unlisted bugs and changes in the build.

1) Battery settings gets a better UI.

  Battery saver settings were merged under a single screen in the last build, this build further polishes the UI, the remaining percentage is shown in bigger font with the estimated time remaining under it. Also you can now find a quick link to battery saving tips in the bottom of the settings screen. I personally feel that battery life is a little bit improved over the previous build.

2) Store now shows notification for app updates and app installs. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

New issues and changes with Windows 10 Mobile build 14322

Windows 10 Mobile came out earlier today and it has brought a host of new features such as improved action center, play back controls on the lock screen and a few more. Not only that, it fixes many bugs ( almost 19 fixes ! ) Pretty cool. Check here for the changes.

That doesn't mean that we don't have any bugs in this build, a handful of them are listed in the Windows Blog. Now let me add some more to the list.
  1. Camera app fails to work properly in Lumia 535 after upgrading from 14295.The app opens and shows this error. The workaround is to use third party apps like Camera360 Sight or OneShot. Resetting your device doesn't fix the issue unfortunately :( Have to wait for a update for Camera or a new build.

    Upvote this feedback to report the issue : feedback-hub:?contextid=6&feedbackid=423b562c-4cb4-42b2-88ed-a296453f26b1&form=2&src=2