Friday, April 15, 2016

New issues and changes with Windows 10 Mobile build 14322

Windows 10 Mobile came out earlier today and it has brought a host of new features such as improved action center, play back controls on the lock screen and a few more. Not only that, it fixes many bugs ( almost 19 fixes ! ) Pretty cool. Check here for the changes.

That doesn't mean that we don't have any bugs in this build, a handful of them are listed in the Windows Blog. Now let me add some more to the list.
  1. Camera app fails to work properly in Lumia 535 after upgrading from 14295.The app opens and shows this error. The workaround is to use third party apps like Camera360 Sight or OneShot. Resetting your device doesn't fix the issue unfortunately :( Have to wait for a update for Camera or a new build.

    Upvote this feedback to report the issue : feedback-hub:?contextid=6&feedbackid=423b562c-4cb4-42b2-88ed-a296453f26b1&form=2&src=2

  2. Manually submitting Diagnostic reports on Feedback Hub freezes the app and it crashes after sometime. So now you can only hope it to get automatically uploaded by keeping your device plugged in and connected to WiFi.


    Upvote this feedback to report the issue : feedback-hub:?contextid=141&feedbackid=c5888f0a-be48-456c-9a04-7cd98a88b67c&form=2&src=2
  3. Groove controls are not aligned properly in the Now playing screen.

    Upvote : feedback-hub:?contextid=293&feedbackid=5b741bf6-1a53-4d25-8547-a1e49fa354ca&form=2&src=2
These are some of the most annoying bugs I have found till now in this build. Apart from these issues, I have noticed something peculiar in Cortana's behaviour. Cortana now works without Location service enabled in my Lumia. I have always wanted Cortana to work without being tied to location for a couple of reasons, one, Location drains a lot of battery another is that most of the features like Quiet hours,time based reminders don't need location at all. I'm not certain if it is actually a change ( a welcoming one for me ) or a bug.

UPDATE : Confirmed. Cortana can work without Location, but she will ask to turn on Location if you ask something that requires her to know your location.

Do you have any of the issues mentioned ? If yes, which device do you own ? Are you happy with Cortana working without location?

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