Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Windows 10 Build 10586.318 available for PC and Mobile devices. Full changelog

Microsoft has released this month's cumulative update for both smartphones and PC's running Windows 10. The update pushes the build number to 10586.318 and it is available for Windows Insiders in Release Preview Ring and to devices running Windows 10 officially. As it is another cumulative update, there is no new features added but there is a good amount of bug fixes for the two platforms. Here are the changes

  • Improved reliability in a number of areas including Cortana, Bluetooth, Shell, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Miracast, and USB.
  • Fixed memory leak that occurs when opening a portable document format (PDF) form multiple times.
  • Fixed issues with text alignment for right to left languages in Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed issue that affected Bluetooth function when a PC resumes from sleep.
  • Fixed issue where user accounts weren't locked out after a number of failed sign in attempts.
  • Fixed issue with revised daylight saving time.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes corrupts CompactFlash cards inserted into a card reader.
  • Fixed additional security issues with kernel mode drivers, remote procedure calls, the Microsoft Graphics Component, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Windows Shell, Windows Journal, Virtual Secure Mode, Schannel, and Jscript.
  • Reliability, performance and stability improvements.
  • Fix for a problem that could result in unexpected battery drain while the phone screen is off. 
  • Improvements to the update system to prevent phones getting into a state where attempting to take an update may lead to errors 0x800f081f or 0x80070570. 
  • Fix for a problem that caused some phones to finish the initial setup wizard with an incomplete set of app tiles on the Start screen.
  • Improvements to the reliability of USB-C connections. 
  • Improvements to Cortana, including a fix for a problem where music playback would not resume after dismissing an incoming text, and a problem with Quiet Hours not setting automatic rules for every day. 
  • Fix for a problem that could result in the phone to hang or restart when visiting certain web pages in Microsoft Edge. 
  • Fix for a problem that caused recorded video to be lost when answering an incoming call on some phones. 
  • Improvements for reliability of internet connection sharing (ICS) and tethering.
  • Fix for a problem that caused the navigation bar to overlay and hide part of the screen for some apps on certain phones. 
As you see, most of the annoying issues are being ironed out and it is highly recommended to update to this version. I'd like to note two important fixes, Battery drain fix and the Navigation bar issue in Mobile. I believe the navigation bar update is for Lumia 535 which used to behave oddly by hiding the content behind it in games and other apps. I'll update the post after I confirm this change from my phone ! Happy updating :)

EDIT : Removed two points from PC changelog as they were a fix for Mobile, check out the third and second point from the bottom in this post. A small blunder there Microsoft ;)

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