Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Windows 10 costs upto $199 after the offer ends, Upgrade now !

Microsoft has confirmed that the free upgrade to Windows 10 will be ending on July 29 as it was announced last year during the launch. As of now 300 million devices are in Windows 10 and Microsoft plans to get on 1 billion devices to Windows 10 in the next few years, for this target. free upgrade is supposed to act as a catalyst to the growth of the new platform. With less than three months remaining for the offer, the pricing of Windows 10 has reached the internet.

Here is the how the pricing of Windows 10 looks like after the offer ends
After July 29, 2016
Windows 10 Home: $119.99
Windows 10 Pro: $199.99

The pricing is very similar to how Microsoft priced their previous generation operating systems. Even the retail editions of Windows 10 which are available for purchase in Microsoft Store lists the same pricing. So it is pretty obvious that Microsoft would not change the pricing. In case you are wondering what are the differences between Home and Pro editions, you can find them here.

Microsoft has been very committed to actively update Windows 10 with new features and reliability updates. November update ( aka TH2 or build 10586) brought a plethora of improvements over the initial version such as improved snapping,colored title bars and more optimizations to the overall performance and reliability.
The next big update is slated to be released most probably before the offer ends, labelled as Anniversary update, it brings some very important changes to the platform like extensions in Microsoft Edge, Windows Ink and other features which were announced at BUILD conference. Insiders are already testing the new features in both PCs and smartphones. It is very important for Microsoft to get as much as users to Windows 10 platform before the offer ends and Anniversary update seems to be shaping up really well to convince more users from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to upgrade to 10. I feel that this is the best time to get your device upgraded to Windows 10 and have all the new features and security improvements for free forever ( until you fry your PC by overclocking or crack your tablet's screen :P Haha) .

Facing problems or have doubts about the upgrade process ? Have a look at this note.

For Windows 10 Mobile upgrade steps, refer the video below

You can look at the comments section of the Note and Video which will clarify general doubts if any.
The mobile devices which are officially supported are,

Here is why other devices aren't supported,

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