Monday, June 27, 2016

The top 3 YouTube apps for Windows 10 devices

"What !? Windows 10 doesn't have a official YouTube app?" This is something I have heard from my friends, specially in the case of Windows 10 Mobile. For the record, Windows (phone) never had a official YouTube app. Thank Google for that. But that doesn't mean that there is no way to access YouTube. You can do so using your web browser to access the mobile site for occasional browsing and watching videos. This won't suffice if you want save videos offline, get notification from your favorite channels and other advanced features which you can find in the official YouTube app in other platforms.

Fortunately, there are several beautiful third party apps that are equivalent to the official apps. Here is a list of such apps.

1) Tubecast

Multitasking : A video running in the bottom left corner while browsing other videos.
Tubecast is one of the finest and full featured YouTube client that you will ever find in Windows. The interface is clean and slick. You can log in using your Google account and bring your favorite channels at the finger tips. You can also comment in a video without leaving the screen and the app supports swipe gestures making navigation a breeze in touch enabled devices. Offline videos (Preload) are supported and you can choose between SQ,HQ or HD for saving that video. It has a live tile and supports push notifications to keep you updated.

What makes Tubecast different from other is the ability to cast the videos to a range of services like  DLNA devices, Chromecast and AppleTV. You can try casting free for 20 times, if you like it you can unlock it by making in-app purchase. Tubecast is my favorite of all and you should seriously consider giving it a shot if you use YouTube often.

It is available as a free download for both phones and PCs.

2) Explorer for YouTube

Similar multitasking capabilities available in Explorer for YouTube.
As the name suggests, this app is another full featured YouTube client for Windows 10.The interface is clean and inline with Windows 10 guidelines. It allows you to login into YouTube and has the capability of downloading videos for later use. You can select where the downloaded videos are stored. You can also define the default quality for all the videos.

However, the app is ad-supported ( non intrusive though) and can only download upto 720p in the free version. An in-app purchase will remove ads and limitations completely. This app is a universal one and built for Windows 10.

3) Hyper for YouTube

Hyper for YouTube is one of the highest rated clients in Windows Store and is chock full of features. The interface is good and very much customizable. Similar to Explorer for YouTube, this app supports video downloading and background playback. Again you will have to make an in-app purchase to unlock pro features. For the most part, app feels stable and fast.

The only drawback is that the app is available in PC only which might turn off some people if they prefer to have a universal app across their devices. It's worth checking out if you are a avid PC user in search of a modern and clean YouTube app.

One more notable app is Metrotube which used to be a rather popular app but lack of updates has made that app feel dated.
So that sums it up ! These three apps are the best YouTube clients you'll find for Windows. Find what suits you best ;)

Do you prefer to use apps to access YouTube ? Which app do you use then?

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