Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to dowload YouTube videos without extensions or software

So you just bumped up on a YouTube video which you want to download and watch it offline. It can be a cute cat video or the latest trailer of your favorite star's movie, anything literally as long as it is in YouTube, you can download it. But you are not interested in downloading a YouTube video downloader software or adding an extension to your already clumsy list of addons in your browser.

The video can be downloaded easily by using "ClipConverter" website. In addition to the download option, you also get the choice to select the quality of video. Also you get the choice to convert the video into mp4,3GP,avi, mov video formats or mp3,m4a,aac audio formats. Here are the steps which are fairly easy to follow.
  1. Open YouTube and find the video that you want to download.
  2. Copy the URL of that video.
  3. Now open in a new tab and paste that url in the box.
  4. Adjust the format of the video if you want to.
  5. Press Continue and wait till the video gets recognized.
  6. The thumbnail and name of the video with available quality options will show up.

  7. Click on the download video button to download without conversion or Start! if conversion is needed.
Voila! Your video will start downloading. That quick and easy it is. This method works best with all sorts of internet connected devices, it can be a Windows device or an iOS tablet or your Android phone. This is why I prefer this method over having extensions/software for downloading videos from YouTube. It's extremely easy and a hassle free process while not depending on the device you are using. You can try their bookmarklet which allows you to speed through the process a bit.

In fact, there are several other websites which perform the same task such as KeepVid, Savefrom and Download YouTube video. But I personally prefer the simplicity of to others. Every website has different set of features to offer, just try out them and find what really suits your needs.

Note: While downloading Videos from YouTube for personal usage is fine, make sure that you don't re-upload them or share in any other websites as it is "Copyright infringement" which may lead to intervention of Law.

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